Discover A Better Way To Earn Money While You Save

Earn uninterrupted compound interest from your life insurance that you can use for additional income or purchase assets.

Earn uninterrupted compound interest from your life insurance that you can use to supplement your income in retirement or purchase additional assets.

Cash Value Accumulation

Build cash value each year tax-deferred. Your cash value can be accessed through policy loans and withdrawals to help fund a major purchase, have additional income in retirement or simply provide in times of need.

Policy Dividends

When designed properly you can earn a dividends from your life insurance that can be used to accumulate in your policy and continue compound or can be accessed in the form of a cash payout.

Emergency Funds

Helps to cover household bills and replace your income if you are unable to help yourself due to an illness where someone has to take care of you.

Purchase Assets

Since you have flexible access to the funds in your policy, the cash value growth and interest earned can be used to purchase additional assets.

Meet Your Plan Advisor

Sheena Smikle

The clients I help experience a seamless approach to planning for their financial goal. They feel empowered to know they are in charge of growing the money safely while maintaining the lifestyle they love and eliminating debt in the process.

Client Reviews

Nadricka Windett

Can't say enough about how professional Sheena and the team were in getting my financial affairs in order. I run a small boutique store for kids and I am a mom so I always have my hands full. It was convenient, pressure-free, and truly a refreshing experience.

Khalis Ward

I've been putting off my retirement plan for a while because I was busy and other issues kept getting in the way. Sheena and her team helped me navigate my plan and they were very patient and always available to answer any questions I had.

Ana Gonzalez

They helped me to get my finances in order and make the most of my money. Their coaching was very professional and the advice was spot on. I look forward to working with them in the future. Highly recommend!

George Owens

I always heard my parents talk about the importance of mortgage protection. When I purchased my own home, I decided to follow in their footsteps and get a policy for myself. I'm so glad I did! Not only do I have peace of mind knowing that my home is protected.

Cindi Banks

Things got tough when my spouse passed away. On top of that, I had to worry about the mortgage payments on our home. Thankfully, we had mortgage protection in place. It saved the equity in our home and allowed me to focus on healing during this difficult time. I highly recommend getting mortgage protection it's a small investment that can make a world of difference.

Elise Wilson

I never thought I'd need mortgage protection, but when I faced a serious illness that left me unable to work, I was so grateful to have it. The cash payout from my policy was a lifesaver, helping me cover my mortgage payments and allowing me to focus on my recovery without the added stress of potentially losing my home.

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